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A Grand Valley Mechanical preventative maintenance agreement allows you to fend off problems and expensive failures. Our custom tailored programs are designed for your specific needs. We'll design the program that suits you and we guarantee the task will be performed by a knowledgeable professional.

As a Grand Valley Mechanical preventative maintenance customer, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance inspections

  • Timely performance of maintenance routines

  • Preferential treatment on emergency calls

  • Increased equipment life, which reduces replacement calls and future problems

  • Qualified technicians who are familiar with your equipment

  • Budget control for equipment replacement and upgrades

  • Maximum equipment efficiency, which reduces energy consumption

  • Increased occupant comfort, which results in productivity gains, tenant retention and process control.

Initial Consultation

Equipment that is maintained too frequently can cause needless wear and tear, and also be a waste of time and money. Equipment that is not maintained enough can reduce equipment overall life and cause expensive, premature failure. This is why a knowledgeable Grand Valley Mechanical Ltd. professional will consult each new client to assess the equipment requirements and tailor a preventative maintenance program specific to each individual site.

State of the art scheduling & dispatch system

We have invested a lot of time and money on a scheduling and dispatch system to ensure that tasks are being performed in a timely manner, and to ensure that tasks are being performed as per the agreed upon contract. Each technician carries a phone which links to the system database which gives them the capability to pull up site history, part requirements, task checklists, and to provide recommendations straight to Grand Valley Mechanical Ltd. office personnel. 

HVAC/ Refrigeration Equipment Preventative Maintenance
Post- Maintenance

Once the maintenance is completed, customers will receive a report on the technician's findings. If any deficiencies are found, customers will be informed and a quotation for repairs will be provided. 

Our system provides the ability of instant reporting between the technicians and the office personnel, which greatly reduces the time between service and receiving the invoice. In addition, a detailed report of findings, and service tasks performed will be presented to the customer. 

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